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Mom's Choice Award Winners

Avail alluring, active, amazing, auspicious, and ceaseless fun moments for your little ones with these ravishing Mom’s Choice Award Winning toys by Power Your Fun. We believe moms know THE BEST to bring happiness and joy to their children and these toys truly help promote cognitive skill-building in kids in the most active way possible.

So, don’t you think it’s time to capture your child’s attention to keep them continuously challenging to explore and discover something innovative endlessly?

If yes, step ahead and shop your favorite toy now and we assure you that you won’t regret your pick bought from here!


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Fun Forts Glow in the Dark


GLOW IN THE DARK FORT KIT FOR KIDS: Build endless kids play tent structures, forts for kids, play tunnels, and more with this construction fort set that includes 53 glow in the dark connecting rods and 28 multilink spheres BUILD...

Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy

Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy

$69.99 $64.99

REMOTE CONTROL ROBOT DINOSAUR: The Intellisaur interactive dinosaur toy T-REX for kids with programmable features and touch sensors, it walks, talks, dances, roars, shakes its tail and moves its head TOUCH COMMAND SENSORS + REMOTE: Pet your RC dinosaur’s forehead...

Power Your Fun Puzzle Pop Fidget Toy - 27pc Learning Bubble Popping Sensory Toy for Kids and Adults


Play classic Tetris puzzle games or pop the dimple fidget toy pieces to relieve stress and anxiety. Whether you play alone or connect the puzzle pieces together with family and friends, the soft silicone material and dimple fidget toy design...

Power Your Fun Robo Pets T-Rex Remote Control Dinosaur Toy for Kids


Get your very own pet dinosaur! The Robo Pet T-Rex Dinosaur is a remote control toy dino with lots of tricks up its claws. Watch it dance, shake, walk around the room, slide, chomp, perform tricks, and more! Made with...