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UFO1 Mini LED Drone with Hand Motion Sensors (Green)

$39.99 $31.99
  • INCLUDES: UFO1 Drone, 2 mini drone batteries, Easy Remote
  • BEGINNER DRONE: This is perfect for kids and beginners as it is super easy to fly with the Altitude hold for stability and Headless mode for drone-remote orientation
  • HANDS FREE MODE: This is a superb drone with hand motion sensors that lets you control it at the wave of your hand
  • STUNT DRONE: Perform 360° flips and fly (or race) at two speeds. It has 4-channel transmitter for multiple drone racing
  • QUALITY ASSURED: We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not happy with your UFO1 drone.

UFO1 from Power Your Fun has earned the Accessory Trustmark from’s mission is to make quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education accessible to all. Power Your Fun is pleased to earn’s seal of approval for our innovative STEM products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Cant sync controller with drone...

-Lots of fun *when* it works.-drifts, doesn’t respond properly to controller.-I had serious issues controlling it, even after following the instructions for syncing controller verbatim.-convinced my family to return it and get one 3x more expensive, haha...hopefully paying more will get better quality.

need to get a replacement

Ordered one for my kid as his gift. But one of fans is kind of loose, therefore when powered on it's not rotating. Seems the screw isn't bound with that particular fan. So had to contact customer service to get a replacement. The replacement process was really quick and painless and the replacement came in pretty fast within a few days without asking any question. Considering the price this toy is still pretty good; but if you have extra bucks to throw then go to other higher model.

Recomend starter kids toy.

Bought as gift for 14 years old son. He has used a lot in and outside. Just as advertised and well valued. Fun and easy to fly.


This is an awesome drone! Admittedly, when we ordered this drone, we received one that did not work well. But goodness! Customer service was on it and they made all things right and our 9 year old is having an exciting time with her new, very fun drone! Thanks for all of your support and wonderful engineering.

Batteries only allow a couple of minutes of play time. Terrible

Nice product but the battery lasts 5 minutes. Very frustrating. Can’t play with it very long. Trying to buy more batteries but can’t find any that fit