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6 Kid-Friendly Activities for St. Patrick's Day

By: :Javier Cruz 0 comments
6 Kid-Friendly Activities for St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating leprechauns and shamrocks on St. Patrick’s day can be wholesome and kid-friendly too! If you’re just like the rest of us who are looking for ways to make St. Paddy’s day a cool holiday for the little people at home, then you’re in for a treat! 

Today, we’d like to share with you some of the fun things you can do to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the comfort of your home. Some of them are pretty easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, you’ll be surprised! ☘️

1. Watch St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Home

If you can’t join the parade this year, it won’t hurt to tune in to live streams of St. Paddy’s parades all over the world! Or, if you’re lucky, you can watch an actual parade from your window if there’s one nearby.

2. Do the Irish Riverdance 


What’s St. Patrick’s Day without a proper Riverdance? There are tons of Riverdance videos on YouTube that you can watch and dance to - pretty sure the kids will have loads of fun dancing and prancing to the music!

3. Time for Green Eggs and Ham

6 Kid-Friendly Activities for St. Patrick's Day - poweryourfun


If you can make it happen, it would be interesting to have some green eggs and ham for St. Patrick’s day. Some use food coloring to tint their eggs, while others make a healthy egg scramble by adding yummy greens. 

4. Seed-planting!


Time to teach kids to plant some seeds on St. Patrick’s! Some plant shamrocks on this day, but since all plants start out as green sprouts, you can plant almost anything! Some easy-growing microgreens include sunflower seeds, broccoli sprouts, radish seeds, and plenty others. You can order these seeds online or you can get the seeds from food at home, like tomatoes and chili peppers, since these are the easiest to grow. 

5. Go Green!

If you’re ready to commit to something worthwhile, why not start going green this St. Patrick’s Day? It may just be as simple as ditching plastic water bottles for reusable containers, reducing the amount of water or electricity you typically use, or buying earth-friendly green products instead of your usual chemical-laden toiletries. Whatever you decide, make a habit of it so you can make mother earth proud 🌱🌏


Here are a few going green ideas you can try at home with the kids, courtesy of 

6. Have a St. Paddy’s Scavenger Hunt

Got some golden chocolate coins and green toys lying around? Make St. Paddy’s magical for kids by having your very own scavenger hunt! If you’ve got several kids at home, make it a contest - the one who’s got the most finds gets more prizes! 

Bonus: Coloring Pages for St. Patrick’s Day

Another cool thing to do on St. Patrick’s - coloring pages! Here are some downloadable coloring pages you can print for your kids, featuring our favorite robot pets, the Robo Pets Dog and the Robot Pets Unicorn. 

6 Kid-Friendly Activities for St. Patrick's Day - poweryourfun

Happy St. Patrick's From Robo Pets Dog! 

Download the Robo Puppy Coloring Page here

6 Kid-Friendly Activities for St. Patrick's Day - poweryourfun

Happy St. Patrick's From Robo Pets Unicorn!

Download the Robo Unicorn Coloring Page here

Shop Robot Pets Here

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