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Power Your Fun 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

By: :Javier Cruz 0 comments
Power Your Fun 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are closer than ever, which is why you should be getting a head start on your shopping! We know that this period can be quite hectic, especially with so many deals and discounts on the horizon. So, to help you find those perfect presents for your kids, we’ve gathered our best/most enticing toy offerings for 2022. Rest assured, no matter which toy you pick from our list, smiles and joy are guaranteed. So, prepare to power your fun, and let’s get started!

Brain-teasing Puzzle Games!

Whether you’re looking for a simple puzzle-solver or challenging brain teasers, our puzzle toy selection will satisfy you or your kid’s puzzle-solving needs. These are our best puzzle choices for 2022.


Pop Puzzle Popper Fidget Game

A puzzle toy that’s also a stress reliever?! That’s the Pop Puzzle Popper in a nutshell! Grab all 27 pieces and try to fit them one by one — you can even time yourself for a challenge! When done, you can restart again or time how long it takes to pop all the bubbles! It’s a fun, easy to learn puzzle game that offers hours of playtime/fun.


Cubik LED Flashing Cube Memory Game

If one puzzle isn’t enough, then how about 4-in-1?! Our Cubik puzzle cubes offer four gameplay modes and various other features, including music and multiplayer modes! Challenge your memory by playing “Remember Me” mode or test your reflexes by playing “Catch Me!” The Cubik is so packed with features, you’ll need more than one holiday season to master them all! Did we mention that it also won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards’ gold medal for toy excellence? Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this cube!


Robotic Friends!

Looking for more than puzzle games this holiday season? Then how about getting a companion/friend? Our line of robotic pets offers just that: allies that will play/follow your every command! Here are our best robot toy offerings:


Robo Pets Cat

Our newest addition to our Robo Pets line, the Robo Pets Cat promises not to nap all day or to scratch any furniture. Instead, you can program move sequences using its 6 fish-shaped treats! For movement, you can switch between two different modes: Gesture and Adventure mode. Gesture mode lets you control your robotic feline via hand-gestures, while Adventure mode lets it navigate all on its own! The Robo Pets Cat also won the Mom’s Choice Awards’ gold medal for toy excellence, so know that its quality is assured.


Robo Pets T-Rex


Felines not appealing enough? Then how about the king of dinosaurs?!

Just like the Robo Pets Cat, the Robo Pets T-Rex can be hand-gestured to move about, or it can make its own hunting decisions via Adventure mode. However, because this T-Rex is very hungry, it usually tests your reflexes via Gesture mode. Grab one of its food cards and try to feed the T-Rex before it chomps your hand! Meant for kids 3 years up, the Robo Pets T-Rex is as fun and dynamic as it is adorable.



A robot companion is not enough? Then you need a defender!

Just like with the Robo Pets line, you can program the Intellisaur to execute specific moves, or you can use its RC controller for a more direct approach. If that wasn’t enough, you can prep the Intellisaur for combat! Click on Battle mode and watch as your robotic dino roars and prepares to shoot rubber darts from its back cannon! The projectiles are tipped with suction cups, so they will attach to any glass surface.


STEM Learning and Stress-Relievers!

We at Power Your Fun love toys that promote learning and/or relaxation, which is why our Holiday list wouldn’t be complete without name dropping a few! Here are two of our best STEM and stress-relief toys.


Fun Forts Glow

Build a fort that’s *wait for it* Glow in the dark!

That’s right! The Fun Forts Glow is a great way to spark your kid’s creativity, as it encourages them to create their own unique forts! The set includes 53 glow-in-the-dark rods and 28 multi-link spheres, so the possibilities are endless. Build during the day or at night and let your kid’s imaginations run wild!


Arggh! Ball Pop LED

A simple-looking fidget/stress relief toy, there are many things you can do with the Arggh! Ball Pop LED! Press them, toss them, kick them, pass them about! There is no right or wrong way to de-stress or fidget with the Arggh! Ball Pop LED. You can even play with them in the dark, thanks to their integrated LEDs! They are also waterproof, so you can play with them underwater! We told you, these little LED spheres pack quite a punch!

And that’s our list! We hope that our 2022 Holiday guide was helpful, but if you’re looking for more, you can always check our main website for other excellent toy offerings!

And remember that our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale runs from November 18-30, so you have ample time to get what you need. Just use code BFCM on checkout and receive 30% off site-wide!

From all of us here at Power Your Fun, we wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday season!

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