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2022 Wrap-Up: Power Your Fun Best Sellers!

By: :Javier Cruz 0 comments
2022 Wrap-Up: Power Your Fun Best Sellers!

2022 has come to a close and 2023 is here, bringing along lots of opportunities and resolutions. Like many of you, we at Power Your Fun like to look back into the past year to learn from our experiences, hoping to gain insight into what’s to come. For this reason, this month’s blog takes a retrospective look at our best toy releases of the year, giving you another chance to get our award-winning, best-selling toys if you haven’t yet! Join us as we highlight Power Your Fun’s best-selling toys for 2022.




Released at the beginning of May, The Arggh! Ball Pop toys became our customer’s go-to toy for stress relief. Throw them around, pop them, and fidget till your heart’s content! These handy stress balls come in 3 and 6-packs, so you can easily share them around your home, and since aesthetics are always important, they come in 3 styles: Action, Sprinkles, and Swirls.




Released in mid-October, the Robo Pets Cat expanded our Robo Pets catalog.  Just like with our Robo Pets T-Rex and Robo Pets Unicorn, you can move the Robo Pets Cat around using its RC controller, via hand gestures, or by itself via Adventure mode. Additionally, you can program it to do up to 6 different tricks using its 6 fish treats, making it an excellent educational toy.

The Robo Pets Cat won the Mom’s Choice Awards’ gold medal award for toy quality and functionality, which was an excellent 2022 highlight for us and our brand. It also earned a #1 best-seller badge on Amazon for the Remote & App-Controlled Robots category, which we were also ecstatic about!




Also released in mid-October, the Cubik quickly became a 2022 favorite. This is no ordinary puzzle game, as it comes with four game modes you can play at any time. These include “catch me”, where you have to press red squares while avoiding green ones; and “Remember Me,” where you must select the correct colors in order. The Cubik comes with other fun modes like music and head-to-head modes, and you can get it in three different colors: White, Action, and Tie Dye!

For awards, the Cubik won the Mom’s Choice Awards’ gold medal for toy excellence, and it earned an Amazon’s Choice badge for the Memory Games category, giving us more reasons to celebrate in 2022!




The Pop Puzzle Popper wasn’t released in 2022, but it remained a customer favorite in 2022! This puzzle toy is more challenging than it seems, and it comes with 27 pieces you must put back together. Puzzle pieces come in different shapes and are very flexible, so you can fidget with them while you figure out how to place each piece. Figure out the patterns by yourself when playing solo, or team up/compete with friends and family!


Which of these toys did you get when they were released, and which did you miss? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, we wish you an excellent January and a wonderful 2023. May this year bring you amazing things, and may it serve as a stepping stone for all your goals.


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