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Power Your Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

By: :Javier Cruz 0 comments
Power Your Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

It’s the beginning of February, which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We know that you are trying to break away from the conventional Valentine’s this year, and are looking for something more than just chocolates and flowers. That’s why we’re here to help!

The following is a list of our catalog’s best, top-selling multiplayer friendly toys, guaranteed to spark you and your loved one’s creativity and imagination. Read on and find out what are Power Your Fun’s best gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day!



Cubik LED Flashing Cube Memory Game

The newest addition to our puzzle catalog, the Cubik White, Action, and Tie Dye are the perfect multiplayer toy for your Valentine Day. It comes with four different puzzle games you can play, including “Remember Me” and “Catch Me,” and has a 2-player mode where you can go head-to-head with anyone in your family. Turn on the Cubik and compete with your significant other for the best score, or get your family together and go head-to-head ‘till there’s only one victor! The Cubik guarantees hours of fun, and improved memory/reflexes this Valentine’s Day.

The Cubik won the 2022’s Mom’s Choice Awards gold medal for toy excellence, so you know its quality is assured.



Arggh! Pop Balls

A toy and a stress reliever, the Arggh! Pop Balls are fidget toys that you can share with your loved ones! They come in 3-packs, are squishy, and some even have LEDs inside. Plan a relaxing day for you and yours, and share them around while you talk about your goals in 2023. The Arggh! Pop Balls come in different styles: Sprinkles, Action, and for bigger families, you can opt for the Arggh! Pop Balls 6-Pack!



Pop Puzzle

The Pop Puzzle popper is a multiplayer-friendly puzzle game that’s also aimed at those who like to play with fidget toys, as each piece has different sections you can pop. Gather your loved ones and fidget about while figuring out the puzzle patterns, and when complete, you can test your puzzle skills by timing each other for the best time score! This creative and fun toy comes in 3 frame colors (black, blue, and red) and promises hours of brain-twisting fun!



Fun Forts Glow

Builder aficionados: this is your toy! The Fun Forts Glow comes with  81 pieces you can connect together to form any fort-like structure you and your family sees fit. The kit comes with instructions for two forts you can make from the get-go, but the Fun Forts Glow really rewards those that use their imagination. Gather your significant other and/or kids and design cool forts you can play with, or opt to get a second set for even bigger forts! The sky's the limit with the Fun Forts Glow, so get creative with your loved ones and build!


Which of these best-selling gifts did you get for your Valentine’s Day plans? Tell us in the comments below, or tag us on social media using @poweryourfun or #poweryourfun!

As always, we wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine’s Day. May it serve as a time to strengthen your love, imagination, and creativity!


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