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Valentine's Day Activites for the Family

By: :Javier Cruz 0 comments
Valentine's Day Activites for the Family

Spending Valentine's day with your family is one of the perks of being cooped at home for the past few months. While it seems that you'll soon run out of activities together - fear not, here's a small list of Valentines day family ideas for you to enjoy for the upcoming holiday.

1. Build a Valentine’s Nook

Transform your kid's room into a Valentine's nook by building bed sheet tents and adding heart artwork. You can have this cute love cove for the whole Valentine's day - or for even after Valentine's day if the kids wish to keep the tent long after the holiday. 


Valentine's Day Activites for the Family - poweryourfun


Make a Valentine's nook with our Fort Building Kits

For a temporary Valentine's nook, you can use any of our Fort Building Kits and decorate it with crepe paper hearts or banners and cover it with a thin, lightweight sheet. 

2. Play Board/Card Games 

Go old-school for Valentine's day and play board games! In a world filled with online everything, including games, we rarely think of board games for spending quality time together.

 You can play the classics: Monopoly, Pictionary, Scrabble, Mastermind, Snakes and Ladders, Clue, or Uno. Or if you're adventurous, you can search for trending, newly minted board games to enjoy with the family - there's literally a ton of board games to choose from once you search the web.  

3. V-Day Racing

If you'd like some Valentine's day family action, how about an RC race? Set up an indoor (or outdoor) track and pull out your remote controlled cars from the basement or attic for a spin! 


Valentine's Day Activites for the Family - poweryourfun


Outdoor Valentine's day racing with the Jive RC car

For indoor racing, you can use tiny remote control cars, like the Stunt Roller. However, for backyard races, off-road cars with bigger, built-for-dirt wheels (like the Jive Music Car) are the best.

4. Bake Cookies or Make Pizza

If you'd like a more productive activity for Valentine's day, try baking V-day cookies with the kids! Let kids cut the cookie dough with heart shapes and let them decorate their masterpiece with pastel icing and colorful sprinkles. How fun!

Add some pizzazz to your Valentine's with a V-day pizza 🍕

Not a fan of cookies? Make some V-day pizza instead - create heart-shaped pizza dough and decorate it with salami or ham hearts. Yummy! 

5. Write Valentine’s Day Love Notes

Here's another fun Valentines day family idea - make DIY love cards and love notes for everyone! Cut heart shapes and write affirmations and put it in a jar, post it on your fridge, or decorate any of your rooms with them. 

Valentine's Day Activites for the Family - poweryourfun


For added fun, you can record voice notes with your sweet messages using a small robot recorder, like the TokTok mini bot

Valentine's Day Activites for the Family - poweryourfun

It would be fun to see the kids' faces while playing back your message in 3 different voices! Kids can play back the message in a happy, speedy, or grumpy voice with this cool tiny robot toy. 

6. Movie and Chill

Last but not least, and perhaps one of the household favorite activities - we suggest movie watching on Valentine's day! Have some popcorn ready, or if you have enough time to make snacks ahead, you can make burgers, hotdog sandwiches, and nachos and dips. 

Want to de-stress while watching your V-day movie with the family? Make sure to have one of our smushy, stretchy stress balls with you the whole time. From mini stress balls to giant ones, and glittery stress balls to water-beaded ones, we've got a cool selection of Arggh! stress balls to choose from.

Valentine's Day Activites for the Family - poweryourfun

If you haven't got one of these stress balls, it's definitely a fun thing to own or to gift someone. 

Enjoy Quality Time with Family on Valentine's Day

We hope you'll have a wonderful time with your family on Valentine's day! Don't forget to share your at-home V-day celebration pics with your family with us on Instagram (tag us @poweryourfun) or share your stories in the comments! ❤️

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