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Which Robot Pet is Best For You?

By: :Javier Cruz 0 comments
Which Robot Pet is Best For You?

Who doesn’t love a cute pet? Whether it’s a puppy, a kitten, a bird, or even a lizard, pets are awfully cute and can make us happy. Although live pets are definitely exciting to care for, cyber pets are equally as lovable. At Power Your Fun, we’ve got a few tech pets that we know you’ll love and adore - and in this guide, we’ll share the reasons why.  

For the Unicorn Princess: Robot Unicorn Toy 

Every princess deserves her own unicorn - and we’re sure your lovely princesses will agree! Since unicorns are extremely rare these days (ask any pet shop owner and they’ll tell you!), we’ve got the perfect solution - a robot unicorn pet

Our Robo Pets Unicorn toy is made for all unicorn princesses looking for their perfect loyal steeds. It’s obviously gorgeous (with its cool pink hair and all) but this unicorn isn’t all about the looks - it’s also brilliant. You can make the unicorn robot prance, dance, turn and sit with simple hand gestures. But did you know that you can also program this cute unicorn bot by feeding it special treats? 

Why this robot pet is best for you:

  • You need a smart robot with long hair
  • You’re a princess
  • You need a unicorn in your life 🦄

Learn More About Robo Pets Unicorn

For the Dog Lovers: Robo Puppy

We believe that love for dogs is almost universal (‘almost’ because cat people will disagree 😁), hence this awesome robot puppy toy! Robo Pets Dog is an interactive remote control robot puppy that follows hand gestures like a real good boy! This robot pet can sit, dance, turn, glide, and even stand.


Which Robot Pet is Best For You? - poweryourfun

Just two good boys (and their hooman) hanging out

If you'd love a puppy but can't own one yet, this robot puppy is the next best thing. It doesn't pee, poop, shed, and doesn't eat (except for 'program' treats), but is still fun to be with!

Why this robot pet is best for you:

  • Can't own a dog yet (not yet anyway)
  • You love a good boy 🐶
  • You need a loyal RC friend

P.S. This puppy is on SALE!

Learn More About Robo Pets Puppy

For the Mesozoic Explorer: Intellisaur

Want a pet but need something fiercer, stronger? We've got the perfect partner for you - our newest robot friend, the Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy! This toothy friend is just as smart as its robot dog and unicorn cousins, but packs some exciting new features. 

Which Robot Pet is Best For You? - poweryourfun


Apart from its dancing talent (talent runs in the robot family, apparently), this dino pet can also walk, roar, talk, bop its head, and wag its tail 'cause he's a good boy too. But, Intellisaur won't back down a fight - always ready for action, this dinosaur can shoot darts at enemies (a.k.a. siblings) with a push of a button. 

Why this robot pet is best for you:

  • You love dinosaurs (and dinosaurs love you)
  • You want a combat-ready pet 
  • You're down for a Jurassic-space-alien adventure of a lifetime

For the Young Learners: STEAM Smart Robot

Of course, we won't forget about our tiny robot humanoid - the TokTok voice changer robot. Stands only 3.7 inches tall, this mini bot is the perfect choice for younger kids looking for a pet/companion. TokTok won't bite, but he'll surely entertain toddlers for hours on end. 

The TokTok robot can record voices and play it back in several ways - Happy, Speedy and Grumpy. Just swipe its LED faces to change its facial expressions and voices. Since TokTok's size is just right, it can be the perfect travel 'pet' for smaller kids.


Learn More About TokTok

Were you able to pick your favorite robot pet yet? Let us know in the comments which pet/s you'd love to take home with you! ❤️

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