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Learn while you play, that's what we say! Here's a collection of super fun toys that's sure to get those curious little minds going! This collection of STEAM toys for kids showcases talking robots, smart robot pets with numerous tricks, brain challenging buildable forts for kids, battling spinning tops that double as mini race cars, and more!


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Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy

Intellisaur Dinosaur Robot Toy

$69.99 $64.99

REMOTE CONTROL ROBOT DINOSAUR: The Intellisaur interactive dinosaur toy T-REX for kids with programmable features and touch sensors, it walks, talks, dances, roars, shakes its tail and moves its head TOUCH COMMAND SENSORS + REMOTE: Pet your RC dinosaur’s forehead...

Power Your Fun Robo Pets T-Rex Remote Control Dinosaur Toy for Kids


Get your very own pet dinosaur! The Robo Pet T-Rex Dinosaur is a remote control toy dino with lots of tricks up its claws. Watch it dance, shake, walk around the room, slide, chomp, perform tricks, and more! Made with...